How to connect your New PC to a Monitor
Posted by Support Help Desk Ireland on 22 May 2016 12:05 am

Example Images Only . Your PC will not match this image.

If your PC has a dedicated video card this will be located in an expansion slot on the PC as shown in the image to the left . 

Many motherboards will have the same or similar connections on their back panel however these are disabled when you install a dedicated video card.

Motherboards may have a VGA 15 Pin Blue connection and this may not be on the dedicated video card . Connecting a VGA monitor to the connection on the motherboard will not work. If your monitor only supports VGA you will need either an adapter or cable to connect the VGA monitor . 

If you order a dedicated video card ( NVIDIA or RADEON ) you should make sure your monitor has either DVI , HDMI , Mini HDMI or Display Port Adapters. Older monitors and entry level monitors will today still only have VGA and will require an adapter or cable which is not supplied with the PC or with the monitor.

Once a dedicated video card in installed in a PC the video output connections on the motherboard are disabled . You will not be able to get a signal and will see an error such as NO SIGNAL on your monitor. Rememeber the dedicated video card offers higher resolutions and performance which is not available from the video output connections on the motherboard.


Example Images Only . Your PC will not match this image.

 If your PC has onboard or integrated graphics you will need to connect your monitor to the back panel of the motherboard . Depending on the motherboard the connections available will be VGA ( Blue or Black Connectors ) , DVI  , HDMI , Mini HDMI or Display Port. These connections will only work once no dedicated video card is installed in the PC . If you have a dedicated video card installed you will receive a NO SIGNAL error if you connector to the video output connectors on the motherboard.

Remember to choose your monitor based on the available connections on your PC.


When Choosing your Monitor or connecting an older monitor please remember to make sure your PC and monitor have corresponsing connections.


High Definitions Media Interface is available as full size and Mini . The HDMI connection can provide a digital signal for both images and sound.

Digital Visual Interhace is capable of digital and analogue image transmission. It offers more bandwidth than VGA however cannot carry sound.

Video Graphics Array has been with us since the dawn of the PC age and will be with us for many years to come. It is capable of providing full HD images and is the connection on entry level monitors and PCs. It cannot carry sound . They are also ideal for situations where you need to expend the cable with options available up to 50 metres.